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You're so right that we're proud of who we are and what we do for our community and surrounding area... so why shouldn't we brag a little. On this page we want to share some testimonials from folks who also think we're doing a pretty good job:

From John P. Kelly (in his wrap up report after he adjudicated Minifest 2010):
The Ingersoll MiniFest for 2010 was held over the weekend of July 23rd. Six groups participated, giving their own version of Dan Ebbs’ short comedy ‘Outer Space’. In most ways this was an excellent choice of material as it had well written male and female roles and even one which could be played by either gender. Against it, the material did not seem to provide much scope for creative interpretation, an element admired, nay – demanded, at MiniFest. However, at least two groups proved me wrong!

Thistle Theatre - The first group to perform really turned my last sentence above on its head, giving an extremely original interpretation and getting lots of fun and laughter from the text. Congratulations to Joan Veldman of Thistle Theatre for her inventive direction. Here all six characters in the play adopted ‘caricature’ famous action-hero(ine) personae, from Rambo, right through to Zorro. The costuming was marvellous! I was excited by this, not expecting it – none of us did – and the show set a high standard in interpretation to open the festival. I was particularly impressed by Dave Parker’s Rambo... a real treat to behold. All the actors attacked the text with gusto and got enormous fun from it. I would say the author was surprised at what he saw and heard, he never could have expected this interpretation. On the downside, the show seemed to be a little under-rehearsed, with people wandering about rather than finding good acting positions. Not for the only time in this festival, the furniture positions did not help to create good acting spaces. Nonetheless, one could not have asked for a better opening to the festival. Great, great fun!

From Sue Perkins, Co-Chair of the WODL Festival in London 2011:
(Thistle Theatre supplied the Post Production food during the festival)

And congratulations to all of you in Thistle Theatre for your wonderful support of Festival 2011. I heard nothing but praise for your suppers - and you gave them the practical support they needed as they did their strike. Also terrific that you came in under budget - amazing! Thank you all so much for helping us run the Festival efficiently - a number of people from different groups commented on how well run the Festival was - you are all very much a part of that.



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